When I lived in Brooklyn, my living room was a sheet fort (for over a year). This is a photo from 2009 that was on Booooooom.

Rejects from a logo project, I’ll share the new one when it’s done!

Acrylic on paper in a teeeny old frame + gratuitous amounts of Beach Boys

Sad Karaoke, acrylic on paper in a shadow box from Japantown.

The Playboy symbol, designed by Art Paul, is one of my favorites. I’ve been doodling it a lot lately and playing with abstractions. This version is acrylic and india ink on paper.

leftovers from a logo project

Last Splash - acrylic & airbrush on canvas  

Hair Wrap, 5 ft x 3.5 ft, fabric, wood, and vinyl

Saturday morning shapes with coffee

Prints are $16 each, $40 for the set aquí